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Supplementary Service Support

For the business that needs a little extra support, we offer supplementary service packages. Machshevot will be there when you or your IT department need added assistance.


Small Business Supplementary Service Contract

Do you have a simple network with ten computers or less? Then this is the IT solution you have been searching for.

Machshevot provides round-the-clock IT assistance by phone or email at a low monthly rate. If we are unable to repair the problem remotely, a technician will come to you to at a reasonable hourly rate.

Created specifically with the small business in mind, this service package is the most economic while still preparing for the worst case scenario.


Growing Business Supplementary Service Contract

Is your in-house IT department overwhelmed? Often our companies grow faster than our budgets do and when this happens, IT is one of the first departments to suffer. With our growing business service contract, we will work with your current IT staff to fill in the gaps. We provide full IT assistance by phone or email as well as limited on-site technician time.


Mid-Size Business Part Time Service Contract

Machshevot is available to provide part-time in house IT support. Let us take over server maintenance and free up your in-house IT department to concentrate on help desk. With our round-the-clock IT assistance by phone or email and set days at your office, you can relax and let us worry about finding the time to keep your IT solutions running smoothly.


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