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Mid-Size Business Solutions

Mid-Size Business Full Service Contract

Do you have a simple network with ten computers or less? Then this is the IT solution you have been searching for.

Let Machshevot provide full time on-site service. Machshevot has attractive monthly plans to fit your growing needs. Our experienced staff will take on the role of an in-house department with the added bonus of round-the-clock remote service. Tell us what you need, and we will provide the personnel required to keep your IT running smoothly.


Mid-Size Business Part Time Service Contract

Machshevot is available to provide part-time in house IT support. Let us take over server maintenance and free up your in-house IT department to concentrate on help desk. With our round-the-clock IT assistance by phone or email and set days at your office, you can relax and let us worry about finding the time to keep your IT solutions running smoothly.


Growing Business IT Solutions Contract

One of our specialties is putting together IT solutions that will grow with your company. One of the biggest money wasters in the IT world is buying server systems that you will outgrow within a year or two. Allow Machshevot to look at your current and future needs and put together the best solution for your business.


Project Management and Delivery Contract

From beginning to end, Machshevot is available to head your special IT projects. As a service company, we speak your language and theirs. It is all too common for a person's vision to be misunderstood by a vendor. With Machshevot, this won't be a problem. We know the questions to ask both them and you to get a clear picture on both sides of what is needed.


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