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Small Business Solutions

Small Business Supplementary Service Contract

Do you have a simple network with ten computers or less? Then this is the IT solution you have been searching for.

Machshevot provides round-the-clock IT assistance by phone or email at a low monthly rate. If we are unable to repair the problem remotely, a technician will come to you to at a reasonable hourly rate.

Created specifically with the small business in mind, this service package is the most economic while still preparing for the worst case scenario.


Small Business Full Service Contract

Every business can use an in-house IT department, but the budget is not always there. Machshevot has attractive monthly plans to fit any business no matter how small. With a full service contract, we become your IT department. We provide comprehensive remote service, assistance in planning and implementing IT solutions and on-site technicians when you need them.


New Business IT Solutions Contract

Are you just starting out? Machshevot can guide you in setting up the IT solutions that will give you the most value for your money. Our strong connections with a wide variety of vendors mean that you will receive a far better price than usual for a company of your size. We will provide you with quotes and our expert advice so that you can feel confident in your choices.


Project Management and Delivery Contract

From beginning to end, Machshevot is available to head your special IT projects. As a service company, we speak your language and theirs. It is all too common for a person's vision to be misunderstood by a vendor. With Machshevot, this won't be a problem. We know the questions to ask both them and you to get a clear picture on both sides of what is needed.


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