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Growing Business Solutions

Growing Business Supplementary Service Contract

Is your in-house IT department overwhelmed? Often our companies grow faster than our budgets do and when this happens, IT is one of the first departments to suffer. With our growing business service contract, we will work with your current IT staff to fill in the gaps. We provide full IT assistance by phone or email as well as limited on-site technician time.


Growing Business IT Solutions Contract

One of our specialities is putting together IT solutions that will grow with your company. One of the biggest money wasters in the IT world is buying server systems that you will outgrow within a year or two. Allow "Machshevot to look at your current and future needs and put together the best solution for your business.


Project Management and Delivery Contract

From beginning to end, Machshevot is available to head your special IT projects. As a service company, we speak your language and theirs. It is all too common for a person's vision to be misunderstood by a vendor. With Machshevot, this won't be a problem. We know the questions to ask both them and you to get a clear picture on both sides of what is needed.


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